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    Shulkie Socks Pattern

    [Reposted from my former blog. Not tech edited.]
    Jess's Shulkie Socks
    by ©Dyeabolical Yarns, 2008.

    Design notes:
    These were designed for my She-Hulk loving friend, Jess. I originally had the traveling rib moving in the same direction of the dark green spiral, but decided to break up the visual line by having the rib spiral in the opposite direction of the yarn. The relaxed ribs are slightly wavy. Pulled taut the traveling ribs are a nice stitch pattern.
    Needles: 2.5mm double pointed needles

    Gauge: 8.25 stitches per inch in stockinette


    Cast on 64 stitches using the knitted cast on  or another loose cast on of your choice.

    K2, P2 rib for 2"

    Begin stitch pattern as below:
    Round 1-4: *k4, p4, rep from * around
    Round 5-8: k2, *p4, k4, rep from * to last 6 sts, p4, k2
    Round 9-12: *p4, k4, rep from * around
    Round 13-16: p2, *k4, p4, rep from * around to last 6 stitches, k4, p2

    Rep rounds 1-16 until cuff is desired length.

    Heel Turn
    Combine 26 stitches on to one needle to work a short row heel. Leave 38 stitches unworked for the instep.  Work short row heel as you normally would, or as follows:

    On right side, knit one stitch to end. Wrap stitch by slipping final stitch to right needle, bring yarn to front, slip stitch back to left needle, move working yarn to back. Turn. Purl to final stitch. Wrap stitch by slipping last stitch to right needle, move yarn to back, slip stitch back to the left needle, move working yarn to front. Turn. Knit to one before wrapped stitch. Wrap this stitch as before. Turn. Purl to one before wrapped stitch. Wrap this stitch as before. Turn. Continue in this manner until only 8 unwrapped stitches remain in the middle with an even number of wrapped stitches on either side.

    Work your next row to the most recently wrapped stitch, pick up the wrap from behind, place it on your needle and knit the wrap together with the stitch. Wrap the next stitch. Turn. Continue in this manner until the last wrapped stitch on the right side is worked. If there is still a wrapped stitch on the wrong side to be worked then leave it until the end of the current round.

    [There are several short-row heel tutorials and videos online if you find that helpful]

    Pick up and knit an extra stitch in the gap between the heel and the instep. Work instep in stockinette. Pick up and knit an extra stitch in the gap on this side, as well . Pick up the final heel wrap (if left unworked from heel) and work it together with its mate. Finish the round by knitting in stockinette.

    On next round decrease 1 stitch on either side of the heel, eliminating the extra stitch picked up. Redistribute stitches evenly among your needles . Continue knitting stockinette to 2" before the toe.


    Work toe of your choice, or as follows:

    Renumber your needles so needle 1 begins on the right side of your foot and ends in the center top of your foot. Needle 2will be from center top to left side of foot. Needle 3 from left side to bottom center of foot. Needle 4 from bottom center of foot to right side.

    Round 1 (decrease round):
    • Needle 1: K1 ssk, k to end of needle
    • Needle 2: K to last 3 stitches, k2tog
    • Needle 3: K1, ssk, k to end of needle
    • Needle 4: K to last 3 stitches, k2tog
    Round 2: Knit plain
    Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 12 stitches total remain. Repeat decrease round until 8 stitches remain.

    Work Kitchener stitch to close toe.