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    Over the last 12 years I have amassed a huge collection of colorways. Below are examples of some current and retired colorways to give you an example of the types of yarn I dye.

    All of my current, year-round colorways can be found at this link. These colors are available on a variety of base yarns and have no order minimums. Ship time is 3-4 weeks unless otherwise noted at the bottom of this page.

    Once a month (or so) I have a special pre-order period for Watercolor Stripes or other special, labor intense colorways. The pre-order period only lasts for 10 days. Sign up for the newsletter or join our Facebook group to get notified when the pre-order period opens for these special colorways.

    Retired colorways (many of which are pictured below) and custom colorways can be special ordered, however there is a longer lead time and may be subject to order minimums.

    Row 1: Strawberry, Cherry, Magentea, Phoenix Rising
    Row 2: Sofishticated, Zazu, Simba, Cantaloupe
    Row 3: Caramel, Howl at the Moon, Pear, Seas the Day
    Row 4: Cotton Candy, Obsession, Liz, The Royal We
    Row 1: A Leaf on the Wind, Bigger on the Inside, Firecat, Haystacks, Kind of a Big Dill
    Row 2: Bad Puns are How Eye Roll, Chocolat, Freedom Beauty Truth and Love, I Am What I Amethyst, Lobster Quadrille
    Row 3: Beautiful Wickedness, Deja Voodoo, Fuchsia So Bright, I Lichen You, Moonlight Kisses
    Row 4: Big Cheddar, Donkey Shane, Grayson, Icy What You Did There, Nehi to a Grasshopper
    Row 5: Big Damn Heroes, Don't Feed the Bears, Green Fairy, It's Sherbet Day!, Okie Dokie Artichokey
    Row 1: Old Jeans, Poisoned Cherry, Salmon Chanted Evening, That's My Jam, Time Warm
    Row 2: Olive You, Polar Vortex, Celestial, That's What Cheese Said, Water We Gonna Do
    Row 3: Pea Shoots Pea Scores, Quarter Sawn, Sleepy Hollow, That's You All Over, Whoa
    Row 4: Peplum, Robin's Egg, Taupiary, The Pirate's Wife, Zombie Shuffle
    Row 5: Pigment of Your Imagination, Rose Fanee, Teal We Meet Again, Timber Wolf, Natural
    Row 1: 66 Sunset Variegated, 66 Sunset Watercolor Stripes, 66 Sunset Fade, A Certain Disregard for the Rules Variegated, A Certain Disregard for the Rules Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: A Certain Disregard for the Rules Fade, Auld Lang Syne, Badger Badger Variegated, Badger Badger Watercolor Stripes, Badger Badger, Fade
    Row 3: Blanche, Blood Orange Variegated, Blood Orange Watercolor Stripes, Brown Eyed Girl, Bubble Lights
    Row 4: Carnival (full lots only), Christmas is Coming, Closer Than You Think Variegated, Closer Than You Think Watercolor Stripes, Clever Girl Fade
    Row 5: Dance Mistress Variegated, Dance Mistress Fade, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Variegated, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Watercolor Stripes, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Fade
    Row 1: Dark Envy (full lots only), Deck the Halls, Deep Purple, Dorothy, Fate PhD
    Row 2: Fawkes, Firefly (full lots only), Flower Shop Inferno Variegated, Flower Shop Inferno Watercolor Stripes, Flowershop Inferno Fade
    Row 3: Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Variegated, Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Watercolor Stripes, Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Fade, For the Love of Pants, Fred
    Row 4: Garden of Live Flowers, Gasoline Rainbow variegated, Gasoline Rainbow Fade, Hidden Tiger Variegated, Hidden Tiger Watercolor Stripes
    Row 5: Gateway Variegated, Gateway Fade, Hocus Pocus I'm a Crocus, Hookah You Variegated, Hookah You Watercolor Stripes
    Row 1: Iris You Were Here Variegated, Iris You Were Here Watercolor Stripes, Jo Rides a Motorbike, Kara Variegated, Kara Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: Kara Fade, Katatomic Variegated, Katatomic Watercolor Stripes, Katatomic Fade, Robin's Egg Blue
    Row 3: Luthor's Revenge (full lots only), Mint to Be Variegated, Mint to be Watercolor Stripes, Neapolitan Variegated, Neapolitan Watercolor Stripes
    Row 4: Neapolitan Fade, Paris at Last Variegated, Paris at Last Watercolor Stripes, Poison D'art (full lots only), Queen's Tea
    Row 5: Ricky, Solitaire Variegated, Solitaire Watercolor Stripes, Sophia, Steampumpkin
    Row 1: Stop It Now, Upon A Midnight Clear, Zombie Shuffle, Vista Fade, Vista Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: Raja, The Witch's Brew Variegated, The Witch's Brew Watercolor Stripes, Vivo Forte Variegated, Vivo Forte Watercolor Stripes
    Row 3: Superhero (full lots only), Thunderboom Variegated, Thunderboom Watercolor Stripes, Thunderboom Fade, Themyscira (full lots only)
    Row 4: The Night Before Christmas, Very Stary Variegated, Very Starry Watercolor Stripes, Very Starry Fade, The Caterpillar
    Row 5: Viola Overboard Watercolor Stripes, Viola Overboard Variegated, Wit Beyond Measure Variegated, Wit Beyond Measure Watercolor Stripes, Wit Beyond Measure Fade