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    Over the last 12 years I have amassed a huge collection of colorways. Below are just some of those colorways. 

    See something you like? You can find the current line up here. These colors are available on a variety of base yarns and have no order minimums. Ship time is 3-4 weeks unless otherwise noted at the bottom of this page.

    Colorways not in the current line up can be ordered via the Contact Us form and may be subject to different wait times and order minimums dependent on the color.

    Please note that I refresh offerings frequently. The below list may not reflect the newest colorways.
    Row 1: Strawberry, Cherry, Magentea, Phoenix Rising
    Row 2: Sofishticated, Zazu, Simba, Cantaloupe
    Row 3: Caramel, Howl at the Moon, Pear, Seas the Day
    Row 4: Cotton Candy, Obsession, Liz, The Royal We
    Row 1: A Leaf on the Wind, Bigger on the Inside, Firecat, Haystacks, Kind of a Big Dill
    Row 2: Bad Puns are How Eye Roll, Chocolat, Freedom Beauty Truth and Love, I Am What I Amethyst, Lobster Quadrille
    Row 3: Beautiful Wickedness, Deja Voodoo, Fuchsia So Bright, I Lichen You, Moonlight Kisses
    Row 4: Big Cheddar, Donkey Shane, Grayson, Icy What You Did There, Nehi to a Grasshopper
    Row 5: Big Damn Heroes, Don't Feed the Bears, Green Fairy, It's Sherbet Day!, Okie Dokie Artichokey
    Row 1: Old Jeans, Poisoned Cherry, Salmon Chanted Evening, That's My Jam, Time Warm
    Row 2: Olive You, Polar Vortex, Celestial, That's What Cheese Said, Water We Gonna Do
    Row 3: Pea Shoots Pea Scores, Quarter Sawn, Sleepy Hollow, That's You All Over, Whoa
    Row 4: Peplum, Robin's Egg, Taupiary, The Pirate's Wife, Zombie Shuffle
    Row 5: Pigment of Your Imagination, Rose Fanee, Teal We Meet Again, Timber Wolf, Natural
    Row 1: 66 Sunset Variegated, 66 Sunset Watercolor Stripes, 66 Sunset Fade, A Certain Disregard for the Rules Variegated, A Certain Disregard for the Rules Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: A Certain Disregard for the Rules Fade, Auld Lang Syne, Badger Badger Variegated, Badger Badger Watercolor Stripes, Badger Badger, Fade
    Row 3: Blanche, Blood Orange Variegated, Blood Orange Watercolor Stripes, Brown Eyed Girl, Bubble Lights
    Row 4: Carnival (full lots only), Christmas is Coming, Closer Than You Think Variegated, Closer Than You Think Watercolor Stripes, Clever Girl Fade
    Row 5: Dance Mistress Variegated, Dance Mistress Fade, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Variegated, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Watercolor Stripes, Daring Nerve and Chivalry Fade
    Row 1: Dark Envy (full lots only), Deck the Halls, Deep Purple, Dorothy, Fate PhD
    Row 2: Fawkes, Firefly (full lots only), Flower Shop Inferno Variegated, Flower Shop Inferno Watercolor Stripes, Flowershop Inferno Fade
    Row 3: Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Variegated, Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Watercolor Stripes, Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn Fade, For the Love of Pants, Fred
    Row 4: Garden of Live Flowers, Gasoline Rainbow variegated, Gasoline Rainbow Fade, Hidden Tiger Variegated, Hidden Tiger Watercolor Stripes
    Row 5: Gateway Variegated, Gateway Fade, Hocus Pocus I'm a Crocus, Hookah You Variegated, Hookah You Watercolor Stripes
    Row 1: Iris You Were Here Variegated, Iris You Were Here Watercolor Stripes, Jo Rides a Motorbike, Kara Variegated, Kara Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: Kara Fade, Katatomic Variegated, Katatomic Watercolor Stripes, Katatomic Fade, Robin's Egg Blue
    Row 3: Luthor's Revenge (full lots only), Mint to Be Variegated, Mint to be Watercolor Stripes, Neapolitan Variegated, Neapolitan Watercolor Stripes
    Row 4: Neapolitan Fade, Paris at Last Variegated, Paris at Last Watercolor Stripes, Poison D'art (full lots only), Queen's Tea
    Row 5: Ricky, Solitaire Variegated, Solitaire Watercolor Stripes, Sophia, Steampumpkin
    Row 1: Stop It Now, Upon A Midnight Clear, Zombie Shuffle, Vista Fade, Vista Watercolor Stripes
    Row 2: Raja, The Witch's Brew Variegated, The Witch's Brew Watercolor Stripes, Vivo Forte Variegated, Vivo Forte Watercolor Stripes
    Row 3: Superhero (full lots only), Thunderboom Variegated, Thunderboom Watercolor Stripes, Thunderboom Fade, Themyscira (full lots only)
    Row 4: The Night Before Christmas, Very Stary Variegated, Very Starry Watercolor Stripes, Very Starry Fade, The Caterpillar
    Row 5: Viola Overboard Watercolor Stripes, Viola Overboard Variegated, Wit Beyond Measure Variegated, Wit Beyond Measure Watercolor Stripes, Wit Beyond Measure Fade