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    Below are my current yarn bases. Occasionally I will bring in a special order or limited edition base that may not be listed below.

    While I try to provide faithful representations of each colorway, every skein of hand dyed yarn is unique. Please allow for some serendipity when ordering a Dyed-to-Order yarn.


    - 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon
    - round 4-ply light fingering weight sock yarn
    - beautifully soft hand
    - great for socks, shawls, garments and accessories
    - 100 grams / 463 yards

    -75% superwash merino / 15% nylon / 10% tencel
    - round 4-ply slightly heavy fingering weight sock yarn
    - very soft; the low percentage of tencel gives good luster without being shiny
    - tencel gives drape, nylon gives strength, and merino gives memory
    - colors may be slightly darker on this base due to the tencel content
    - good for shawls, socks, and garments
    - 100 grams / 380 yards

    -75% washable corriedale wool/ 25% nylon
    - 3-ply heavy fingering weight sock yarn
    - Strong & sturdy. It is not as soft as merino and that’s a great thing for socks.
    - 100 grams / 380 yards

    - 90% superwash targhee wool/10% nylon (100% USA)
    - round 3-ply heavy fingering weight
    - targhee is a lofty, wooly, "toothy" fiber with next-to-skin softness
    - great for socks, garments, and accessories
    - 100 grams / 395 yards for variegated and semisolid; 115 grams / 430 yards for Watercolor Stripes colors

    - 100% blue faced leicester wool
    - round 3-ply yarn; technically a sport weight, but also knits well as a heavy fingering weight
    - takes color more evenly than a merino with a slight luster typical of BFL wool
    - great all purpose yarn for shawls, non-reinforced socks, and garments
    - Oversized 150 gram hank / 440 yards, more than enough for most "one skein" sock shawls

    - 100% superwash merino
    - 4-ply round dk weight
    - tight twist, bouncy
    - takes color brightly
    - this is an all-purpose dk weight yarn, good for boot socks, garments, and accessories.
    - 100 grams / 231 yards

    - 100% superwash merino
    - heavy worsted weight to light aran weight
    - 4-ply, soft, round, plump yarn
    - bright, saturated color
    - Good for accessories, sweaters and baby knits
    - A customer favorite
    - 100 grams / 180 yards