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    Below are the base yarns and base fibers currently available to order.

    While I try to provide faithful representations of each colorway, every skein of hand dyed yarn is unique. Please allow for some serendipity when ordering a Dyed-to-Order yarn. Most listings have multiple pictures to give you an idea of the normal variations between bases and between dye lots. Alternate skeins when using more than one skein of yarn to minimize any differences between skeins. I will try to accommodate any special requests pertaining to dye lots whenever possible. Different base yarns and fiber types may take the dyes differently.

    Most of the fiber colorways are dyed in a way that allows for areas of the natural fiber color to show through. Some kettle dyed yarns may have very light or pale areas of color. This is not considered a flaw, but a natural and beautiful result of the kettle dyeing process.


    ALPACA SILK LACE (limited stock - order soon!)
    -70% baby alpaca/30% cultivated silk
    -2-ply, very soft, excellent drape, slight halo
    - good for lace projects
    - 100 grams /650 yards

    - 100% superwash merino
    - Single fine single, very soft, good drape, slight halo
    - This yarn has a high twist that can act as a resist when dyeing. You may find this base has more undyed areas than other base yarns when dyed in a variegated colorway. When used in a project this variegation gives a soft, almost heathered, effect.
    - Good for lace, delicate sweaters, or shawls. Not recommended for socks.
    -100 grams/390 yards

    TENACIOUS SOCK YARN (regular stock)
    -75% superwash merino / 15% nylon / 10% tencel
    - fingering weight
    - 4-ply, good luster without being shiny; tencel gives drape, nylon gives strength, merino gives memory; good for shawls, socks, and garments.
    - Variegated colors may appear slightly darker or more muted on this base
    - 100 grams / 380 yards

    BOUNCE (regular stock)
    -grown, processed & dyed in the USA
    -100% superwash merino
    -plump fingering weight yarn
    -2-ply, soft and bouncy, tight twist. This is great yarn for socks, accessories or garments.
    - 100 grams / 370 yards

    STURDY SOCK (version 2.0, new as of 11/16) (regular stock)

    -75% washable wool (non-merino)/ 25% nylon
    - 3-ply, strong & sturdy with a slight halo. It is not as soft as merino and that’s a good thing. Socks made from this workhorse yarn will last and last.
    - The wool used in this blend has slightly less luster than a superwash merino. The color is saturated but doesn't have that luster that merino does.
    - 100 grams / 380 yards

    YAKETY YAK (regular stock)
    - 60% superwash merino / 20% yak / 20% tussah silk
    - round 3-ply fingering weight yarn with great drape and color; perfect for shawls; can be used for socks but handwash only
    - this base is a natural gray; colors dyed on the Yakety Yak base may be several shades darker than pictured. Light blues and yellows may turn green.
    - 100 grams / 400 yards

    LOVELY (regular stock)

    - 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon
    - round 4-ply light fingering weight yarn with a beautifully soft hand
    - this yarn has a lovely true color
    - 100 grams / 463 yards

    TARGHEE SOCK YARN (regular stock)
    - 90% superwash targhee wool/10% nylon; grown & processed in the USA
    - heavy fingering weight
    - targhee is a lofty, wooly fiber; next to skin soft but with a different feel than superwash merino
    - variegated, tonal, semisolid: 100 grams / 395 yards
    - Watercolor stripes wound in to two matching skeins: 115 grams/ 430 yards total

    SHIMMER (limited stock - order soon!)
    - 92% superwash merino wool/8% silver lurex
    - heavy fingering weight
    - this yarn is packed with sparkles! The lurex thread is one of the plies so the shimmer is incorporated throughout the skein. This color takes dyes slightly darker than a standard superwash merino.
    - great for shawls and other accessories; knit at a tight gauge if using for socks
    - 100 grams / 355 yards

    Sterling (special stock - email to order)
    - 63% U.S. Superwash Merino Wool / 20% Silk / 15% Nylon / 2% Polyester Glitz
    - fingering weight
    - This woolen spun sock yarn has more "tooth" than you would otherwise expect from a wool/silk blend, but it is still next to the skin buttery soft. The 2% glitz gives the yarn a light shimmer. The amount of shimmer may vary slightly between dye lots.
    - great for shawls and other accessories; knit at a tight gauge if using for socks
    - 100 grams / 420 yards

    SUPER EGO BFL (regular stock)
    - 100% superwash blue faced leicester wool
    - This yarn replaces Super Ego Merino which has been discontinued by the mill
    - technically a sport weight, but knits well as a heavy fingering
    - 3-ply, soft, bouncy twist. Great all purpose yarn. It takes color beautifully. It is great for shawls, socks (use nylon reinforcements for the heels and toes!), and garments.
    - Oversized 150 gram hank / 440 yards, more than enough for most "one skein" sock shawls

    POLWARTH SILK DK (regular stock)
    -85% polwarth wool / 15% tussah silk
    - dk weight 3-ply
    - Polwarth wool gives it softness & strength, tussah silk adds depth and a light silky luster. Great for sweaters.
    - some variegated colors may appear slightly desaturated when compared to superwash merino bases, but semisolids dye true
    - 100 grams / 290 yards

    SUPERWASH WORSTED (regular stock)
    - 100% superwash merino
    - heavy worsted weight to light aran weight
    - Soft, round, plump yarn. Good for accessories, sweaters and baby knits. A customer favorite.
    - 100 grams / 180 yards


    BFL SILK (regular stock)
    Blue Face Leicester is a British luster longwool, 25-27 microns. It is blended with tussah silk for amazing luster. This is a joy to spin. BFL Silk tends to have a lot of natural color showing through for most colorways.

    CHEVIOT (regular stock)

    Cheviot Wool top is a British wool breed, with a micron between 27-33. This is a great fiber for beginning spinners. It is very open and drafts easily. Cheviot tends to have the least amount of natural color showing through.

    FALKLAND (regular stock)

    Falkland wool is some of the cleanest and softest non-merino wool available and takes colors well. It's a beautiful spin. For most colorways there is a medium amount of natural wool showing through.

    MIXED BFL (regular stock)

    Mixed BFL is a 75/25 blend of the natural white and natural brown Blue Faced Leicester. The dark and light wools are distinct in the fiber. When spun, the finished yarn will have a naturally heathered look. Blue Faced Leicester is a fun spin and next-to-skin soft. Because of the naturally dark fibers, most colorways will be a shade darker on the Mixed BFL fiber. Most colorways dyed on Mixed BFL will have a medium amount of natural color showing through.

    FAWN SHETLAND (limited stock - order soon!)

    This braid is dyed on a fawn colored certified Shetland wool, which gives it a deeper color. It is a beautiful fiber to both spin & knit. Perfect for beginner or advanced spinners. Most colorways dyed on Fawn Shetland will have a medium amount of natural color showing through.

    TARGHEE (regular stock)

    Targhee is a domestically grown wool that is processed in the United States and is around 23 microns. This spins in to a beautiful, soft, lofty yarn. Targhee is a very white, lofty fiber. Most colorways dyed on this base will have a lot of natural color showing through.