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    Do you have a question that has not been answered below? Just ask.

    Wait, you have two shops?

    I do have 2 online shops - this one you are looking at and an Etsy shop.

    What is the difference between the two shops?

    Both websites have the same exact dyed-to-order listings, but the in-stock listings vary. I am happy to combine orders between the two sites if you ask. 

    When are your shop updates?

    I do not have regularly scheduled shop updates. I do smaller shop updates whenever I have a bin of single skeins that need to be listed. These updates are not usually announced in advanced. If I do have a scheduled shop update it will be announced via the newsletter, Facebook group or Facebook page.

    Can I special order?

    Yes! I don’t carry a full stock of all of my colors on all of my bases due to space limitations. That would be over 700 different products! But most of my colorways can be dyed on demand on your favorite base yarns. I have over 70 colors of semisolid, tonal, variegated, and self-striping yarns available in my Dyed-to-Order catalog, plus 25+ colors of fiber. Dyed-to-Order yarns and fibers can take up to 4 weeks to ship, but often ship much faster. See the shipping announcement at the bottom of the page for the most current shipping estimates.

    Some items (such as the gradients, test colors, special base yarns & fibers) are not available as a Dyed-to-Order option. Watercolor Stripes colorways are only available on the Targhee Sock base at this time. A few of the base yarns (Lovely, Strong Arm, etc) are of limited stock and can only be special ordered through email. Occasionally, some base yarns will be retired for various reasons (i.e. slow sales or no longer produced). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask. Some colors that have been retired can still be dyed, if you are willing to buy the whole dye lot, usually 3 skeins or 2 braids.  

    Variegated? Watercolor Stripes? Kettle Dyed? What do all these terms mean?

    Semisolid: A mostly solid color with some very light tonal variations
    Tonal: Not quite solid, but not wildly variegated. There are stronger color shifts than in a semisolid colors, but all of the hues tend to be in the same family.
    Speckled: Color is applied very randomly. A typical color will knit only a few stitches before changing
    Variegated, aka Short-Repeat Variegated: The color changes every few inches. The full color repeat is short, usually between 1.5 - 3 yards. Many of my Variegated colorways can also be dyed as Watercolor Stripes.
    Self-Striping, aka Long-Repeat Variegated: The color changes every few feet to few yards. The full color repeat is longer, usually every 10 - 30 yards. This will knit in to stripes in small circumference projects, such as socks and mittens.
    Watercolor Stripes: My version of self-striping yarns. The stripes are more semisolid in nature with gentler color transitions. Many of my Variegated colorways can be dyed as Watercolor Stripes.
    Gradient: The color changes slowly from one end of the hank to the other. The colors do not repeat.

    Kettle Dyed: Most of my colors are kettle dyed. The dyes are allowed to travel and mix, creating unique patterns of color. Kettle dyed yarns will have more color variation from skein to skein than a hand painted yarn will. The colors will blend together. Kettle dyed yarns sometimes have a "glazed" look to them, especially when dyed on superwash merino bases.

    Hand Painted: Some colors are hand painted. With hand painted yarns the yarn is laid flat and dyes are “painted” on using a variety of techniques. The colors tend to be brighter, clearer, and have less color mixing at the point where two colors come together.

    Where is your color card?

    All of my currently available Dyed-to-Order colors can be found here. The listings may occasionally sell out or be deactivated so that I may catch up on custom orders, take time off, or so that I can make room for new colorways. 

    Do you take custom orders?

    Yes! Please contact me and let me know what you are looking for and I can provide more information.

    How should I wash my project?

    Hand wash in cool water using an unscented wool wash for best results.  

    A note about multicolor projects, bleeding yarns, crocking, and pre-washing yarns.

    All of the dyes that I use are washfast to a minimum of 104°F. They are given two post-dye baths to ensure that the dye is set, including one bath in unscented wool wash. Your yarn should not fade or back dye when washed according to the directions.

    To best preserve your colors, hand wash in cool water with an unscented wool wash. You do not need to add vinegar or citric acid, but wool loves an acid environment. If you have especially hard water or very alkaline water then you may want to add a tablespoon of vinegar. Some scented wool washes use fragrances prepared with solvents or alcohols and that can cause the dye bonds to break which results in slight bleeding.

    To prevent heartache with multi-color projects: I strongly encourage you to make a swatch for any multi-color project and wash that swatch the same way you would wash the finished project.

    I heard on a podcast that you should re-set the dyes on hand dyed yarns.

    Some people may choose to pre-wash their yarn as a matter of personal preference before using it to remove any fugitive dye particles (just as your would pre-wash a commercial clothing item). However, you do not need to re-set the dyes. They have already been set by me. As a knitter, I do not prewash yarn (mine or any other brand) before knitting.  

    If you get a yarn that is truly bleeding (lots of dye in the water, obvious color loss to the yarn itself) then please contact me ASAP. I check all of my skeins but if something slipped through the cracks then I'd like to know about it and make it right.

    Can I cancel/exchange my order?

    If you are unhappy with the item you receive then please contact me within 3 days of receiving your item so I can give you instructions on exchanging it. Knitting needles are not accepted back for exchange. Unfortunately, I can no longer accept cancellations on dyed-to-order items.

    I live in the area. Can I visit the studio/pick up my order?

    My studio is located in my home and closed to the public. I vend at a few shows a year in the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas so local customers can shop in person. Those shows will be announced once they are scheduled.

    What are your wholesale terms?

    It makes me sad, but there is a limit to how much work I can do by myself in my home studio. I no longer offer regular wholesale discounts to shops. However, I am happy to take on the occasional yarn club, special shop colorway, or special event project. 

    What is your podcast called?

    I host an audio podcast called Knit. Dye. Read. Although I do talk about Dyeabolical and related topics, Knit. Dye. Read. is primarily a personal podcast about what I'm knitting, what I'm reading, and what I am thinking about. There is no set recording schedule.