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    Dyeabolical Blog — shop update

    Episode 17: I Stand With Raverly



    Time Stamps:
    1:00 Ravelry statement
    8:15 Knitting content
    17:45 Urban fantasy/paranormal book talk - One Good Dragon Deserves Another, Minimum Wage Magic, Even Tree Nymphs get the Blues
    23:15 Knitting book review - Glamourie by Alice Starmore
    28:56 Giveaway
    30:12 Shop news - ACLU fundraiser, Golden Girls and semisolid dyed-to-orders 


    Ravelry Statement


    Loops of Gray


    Kat Kissick Art



    Rift Tee by Jacqueline Cieslak (test knit) – Sesia Kreo color 19


    Minimum Wage Magic by Rachel Aaron

    One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron

    Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues by Molly Harper

    Mystery of the Exploding Teeth and Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine by Thomas Morris

    Glamourie by Alice Starmore


    That’s What Cheese Said Merino DK Givaway


    Shop News:

    The Golden Girls dyed-to-order shop update will be live on Etsy from June 26 – July 8

    ACLU of Missouri fundraiser through June 28

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    Ordering date extended and other news

    Ordering date extended and other news

    Welcome to the newly refreshed blog!

    The last few months I kept thinking about how much I used to enjoy blogging and reading knitting blogs despite the amount of time it took to write a post. With the increased popularity of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube podcasts in the last few years blogging started to seem like a time-intensive chore. But you know what? I miss it. I miss checking a blog roll every morning. I miss getting to know people via comments. I miss being able to skim a blog post for information vs having to watch a video. I definitely missed the writing practice. Comma goes where? Run-on sentence what? Typos? Proofreading? WHAT.

    Don't get me wrong. I still love a video podcast, and I am still enjoying hosting my own video podcast, but often times a blog is more convenient and faster than a podcast.


    Last weekend I spent a day redesigning the Dyeabolical blog and moving over all of the show notes and tutorial links from the Knit Dye Read website on to this new blog. If you followed the old Dyeabolical blog or followed the Knit Dye Read blog you will need to update your RSS readers with the new address: https://dyeabolicalyarns.com/blogs/dyeabolical-blog Please note, most of the free patterns on the old Dyeabolical blog are available through links on my Ravelry designer page.

    And in other news...ordering deadline extended to June 13

    Last month I announced that dyed-to-order was open for the colorways listed below. It is hard to believe, but this is the first time I have had dyed-to-order open in almost a year. Originally the listings were supposed to close on June 9, but I have decided to extend the ordering period until June 13 to give everyone a little bit of extra time.

    You can find the dyed-to-order listings here. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Etsy shop for my in-stock yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and stitch markers. Are you a newsletter subscriber? Or Facebook group member? Current subscribers and members will find a discount code in the last email sent or pinned to the top of the group. New subscribers will be sent a coupon code after confirming their email address.

    But how do these colors knit up?

    From left to right: Very Starry Variegated, Very Starry Watercolor Stripes, Very Starry Fade. The socks are Magie der Zwilinge socks designed by Micha Klein. The Very Starry Fade cardigan is the Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry and knit by Monica (Mlinaz on Ravelry).
    One set of Very Starry Fade hand dyed yarn (a blue to yellow gradient) is used to make an adult and childs pair of socks

    Smiley50 on Ravelry managed 2 pairs of amazing socks from 1 set of Very Starry Fade. The socks on the left are the Pixel Rise pattern by Kemper Wray. The socks on the right are a pair of vanilla socks.

    From left to right: Thunderboom Variegated, Thunderboom Watercolor Stripes, and Thunderboom Fade. The crocheted scarf is Bias3 by Amy Chapleau-Lane and the work in progress is the Fading Point shawl by Joji Locatelli. As soon as I am done writing this post I am going back to the couch and make a good effort to finish it today.

    A grid of 6 colors of yarn on a white background - navy blue, light gray, gold yellow, light olive green, dark gray, aqua blue

    Bigger on the Inside, Donkey Shane, Fire Cat, Olive You, Polar Vortex, and Robin's Egg all make excellent standalone semisolids for garment projects or in multi-color projects. All were picked this month to coordinate with either Very Starry or Thunderboom, but they would also coordinate with yarns already in your stash. Here is one example.
    2 striped shawls side by side; one is gray and purple and the other a variegated fuchsia and navy. Both have a trinity stitch edging.
    Shawl Seduction by Kelene Kinnersly makes great use of 2 semisolid colorways or a variegated and 1-2 semisolids. Kelene used a skein of Polar Vortex with a purple in the picture on the left. My version of Shawl Seduction, on the right, uses a skein of Bigger on the Inside with a semisolid fuchsia and a variegated yarn.

    And finally...

    Monday is the last day to enter to win 2 skeins of Zazu sock yarn. See my latest podcast for more information. I talk about the giveaway at minute 3:10.