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    Dyeabolical Blog

    Good News, Bad News


    Hello! I hope everyone is having a yarn-filled and yarn-fueled holiday week. We have had a low key week celebrating with family and working on many, many craft projects including making 3 cheesecakes, improvising a knit hat, cutting out a dozen PDF sewing patterns, sewing 3/4s of a men's raglan shirt, and working on modding an entry level guitar to be something truly amazing. But it is time to put those projects aside for a minute and talk to you about what Dyeabolical is going to look like in 2020.

    <deep breaths>

    The Bad News:
    I want to leave the door open the tiniest bit on this career that I love so much. There are, after all, still several tubs of undyed yarn sitting in my dining room. But this needs to be said before any more special orders come through. I am taking a long term, likely permanent, hiatus from dyeing yarn. It seems each month that I restrict dyeing more and more, and now finally I have to admit that it is time to wind it down.

    Scott and I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of Dyeabolical Yarns over the last 13 years. Your support, especially over the past 2 years, has meant more than you know.

    The first skein I sold online - speckles before speckles were hot

    The Good News:
    The good news is that I will still be around and Dyeabolical the shop will still be around, just in a more limited capacity. The yarns I have in stock are all I have at the moment. Once those colors are gone, they're gone. I will no longer be accepting any special orders. However, I will continue carrying needles and notions on Etsy.

    I would love it if you would consider Dyeabolical for your notions needs, but if you do shop elsewhere please consider buying from your local yarn stores or other authorized dealers.

    Where to find me in the future:
    I will continue to send out the occasional email about shop stock, any new designs that may be released, or any relevant news. If you were only here for the yarn and want to unsubscribe then I completely understand. Just use the link down below to modify your subscription.

    The Facebook group will remain open as long as it is active. Everyone is welcome to participate in the group. Your posts and projects do not need to have a Dyeabolical focus.

    You can find me on Instagram as knitdyeread or on Ravelry as lehcarstl. The Knit. Dye. Read. video podcast will (hopefully!) return this spring with a new shorter and more focused format.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported Dyeabolical in the last 13 years.

    Rachel and Scott