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    News from Dyeabolical


    The talented designer Dana Gervais Designs has released her new Momentum sock pattern made out of Dyeabolical Tenacious Sock in the Ever After colorway. Isn't it gorgeous?
    I am giving away 3 copies of the pattern in my Ravlery group. See this post for details:
    Dana and I are also offering discount codes for this pattern and yarn or, in lieu of taking a discount, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the British Red Cross Manchester Relief Fund.
    Momentum Pattern
    Discount Code: MOMENTUM
    Details: Use the discount code for 20% off the price of the yarn or pay full price and Dana will donate 20% of the proceeds to the British Red Cross Manchester Relief Fund. Offer expires 5/29.
    Ever After Yarn
    Discount Code: EVERAFTER
    Details: Take 15% off of the Ever After colorway, dyed to order on any of the listed base yarns, by using the coupon code "EVERAFTER". If you choose to pay full price then I will donate 15% of the proceeds to the British Red Cross Manchester Relief Fund. Offer expires 5/29.
    [If you prefer buying through Etsy, type "EVERAFTER" in the Notes to Seller and 15% of your purchase of this colorway will be refunded to you after the purchase is complete.]

    Limited Edition: Gradients and Traditional Stripes


    All of the dyed-to-order listings have been live again for the last few weeks. It was nice to take some time off in April to catch up on other projects and reorganize the studio. Thank you for your patience while I did that.

    One thing I realized while cleaning the studio is that I have a lot of gradient blanks in stock. The Gradients line was intended to be a limited edition for the first half of 2017, but I confess that I haven't really spent enough time dyeing or sharing these wonderful yarns with you.

    So instead of only doing sporadic in-stock updates of the Gradients line, I have decided to offer up my favorite Gradients colorways as dyed-to-order listings. Now you can directly order Katatomic Gradient, Define Grellow, Ya Think?, CMY Gradient, Clever Girl, Someone to Lava, Grue, and Grumpkin on either the Sturdy Sock base (two matching 50gr balls) or the Lovely base (one 100gr ball).

    These listings will remain open until my current supply runs out, or my desire to dye them does. Truthfully, that might be awhile. I have a lot of stock and I enjoy the process of making these colors. 


    Speaking of limited edition yarns, have you seen the Traditional Stripes yarns? I'm not 100% committed to dyeing traditional stripes permanently yet, but I'm having a lot of fun dyeing up 2-color stripes in the meantime. Each stripe is about 4 rows in a 64-stitch sock. I will be adding new colors throughout the spring until supplies are exhausted. If there seems to be a demand for them then I will definitely consider adding them permanently in the fall line up. Do you have a favorite 2-color combination? Just ask! I'm happy to take special requests for these.

    Happy knitting!



    Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone who submitted such great projects in the 10th Anniversary giveaway thread on Ravelry. See for yourself what great projects have been made out of Dyeabolical yarns and fibers.

    As a reward to myself for 10 years, I am taking a several mini-holidays in April to clean and reorganize my studio, to work on some fun projects, and to catch up on the dreaded paperwork. Yes, I am rewarding myself for working so hard by making more work for myself. I know how to party!

    To help achieve that goal, I am putting the dyed-to-order listings on a very temporary hiatus starting Monday, April 3 so I can focus on other projects for a few weeks. I will be in my studio daily, so orders for in-stock yarns, fibers, needles, and notions will ship out in the normal time frame of 1-2 business days.

    10th Anniversary Giveaway and Special Colors

    10th Anniversary Giveaway and Special Colors

    Dyeabolical turns 10 years old on March 7, and I could not have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported Dyeabolical for the last 10 years. Your support means everything to me.


    You really are. You are pretty great and I'm so glad we are friends. Big hearts for you.

     Now let’s get this party started, shall we?


    10 winners will be chosen to win one of the following prizes.

    • A set of 6 digital row counters in a rainbow of colors
    • A Dyeabolical® gauge ruler and needle sizer
    • A set of Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers
    • A pair of sock needles in your size and 1 hank of Dyeabolical® sock yarn
    • A hank of the 10th Anniversary colorway “Tenth”
    • A cake of Dyeabolical® Gradients on the Lovely base
    • A hank of Watercolor Stripes self-striping sock yarn
    • A set of 8 Heels & Toes mini skeins in assorted Dyeabolical® base yarns and colors
    • A shawl kit including 2 skeins of Tenacious Sock in coordinating colors, plus a digital copy of the Shawl Seduction pattern by Kelene Kinnersly
    • A sweaters worth of yarn! 4 skeins of yarn on the Targhee Sock base (90% superwash targhee wool/10% nylon; 100 grams/380 yards) dyed in your choice of color


    • Post a photo to this Ravelry thread of a project that you have made with Dyeabolical® yarn or fiber. Only one project per post, please. The project must be completed – ends woven in, blocked if it is a project that you would normally block, etc.
    • For a bonus entry, post the same photo to your Instagram account. Tag the project with #dyeabolicalgiveaway. You must follow @dyeabolicalyarn to be eligible for an entry. If you have a private Instagram account, please send me a direct message on Instagram with a screenshot of your entry. Here is more information about sending a photo via direct messaging.


    • Contest ends March 30. The projects can have been started at any time, but must be completed and posted to the thread and/or Instagram before March 30. I have several skeins and braids ready to ship in the In-Stock areas of my website and Etsy shop for anyone who wants to make something new before the deadline.
    • Are some of your finished project photos pre-Ravelry? That's ok! The pictures don't have to be big or fancy.
    • Spinning counts! If you made a finished skein of yarn from a Dyeabolical® fiber then that counts as a finished project. Did you then knit/crochet/weave that hand spun in to a finished project? That counts twice! Just enter a picture of the finished yarn in a separate post from the finished item.
    • I will post a list of winners one week after the contest ends and earburn all of the winners. Winners have until the end of April to claim their prize. If a winner does not claim their prize then a runner up will be chosen.
    • Each project can count for 2 entries – 1 entry on Instagram and 1 entry on Ravelry. Multiple projects may be entered in separate posts.
    • A project is a something that stands on its own in its finished form—a scarf, a sweater, a pair of socks if you would normally wear two socks, a full skein of hand spun, etc. Partial projects such as blanket squares, single socks suffering from single sock syndrome, and hand spun mini skeins do not count.
    • Each project must be finished. Ends woven in, blocked if it needs blocking, buttons sewn on, etc.
    • Projects must be made entirely from Dyeabolical® yarns or fibers.
    • I am manually keeping track of all entries and will use a random name generator to pull the prizes. I will update this list of eligible entries weekly. If your entries are missing from the list then please PM me on Ravelry.
    • This giveaway is sponsored solely by Dyeabolical®. It is in no way sponsored by Instagram or Ravelry. Shawl Seduction pattern provided by Kelene Kinnersly.


    Special anniversary colors

    I have a few special yarns in stock for the 10th anniversary. The first is the 10th Anniversary color that will be available all year. It is a speckled/variegated mashup of gray, orange, pink, and black and it is called "Tenth". It’s wild and I love it. It is available as a dyed-to-order option or there are still a few skeins left ready to ship. Tenth will be available for the rest of 2017.

    For the next several weeks I will be offering a limited number of skeins of my retired Themyscira colorway dyed as a gradient. It will be available as matching sock sets or as a full size gradient. Like my other gradient colors, Themyscira Gradient will not be available as a dyed-to-order option, so check the shop or Etsy frequently for updates.



    Shop Update on Website and Etsy


    I will be doing a shop update both here and in my Etsy shop at 10am this Friday, February 24. There will be gradient yarns, semi solid yarns, and variegated yarns in the update. Among the colors listed will be a few skeins each of the new Golden Girls-inspired colors and my 10th Anniversary Color, Tenth.

    But, Rachel, did you not just say that shop updates would be almost exclusively on the website? And that the Etsy shop would mostly be only sale yarns and one of a kind colors? Did you not recently tell the podcast that gradient yarns were website exclusive?

    I did. I did. I did. Here's the thing. My website uses the Shopify platform. Recently Shopify has come under scrutiny for continuing to host the Brietbart shop. There is a campaign called #deleteshopify which encourages shop owners to delete their shops off of Shopify. You can read more about the boycott here and here.

    I respect and support the decision to speak with your dollars. All of my dyed-to-order yarns, some in-stock yarns, and most of the notions can also be found in my Etsy shop if you would like to shop there instead. Starting with this Friday's update, I will start splitting shop updates between the two sites, as well. This includes gradient colors which previously were website only. It's an awkward solution, but it is the only thing I can think of doing for now.

    I am not sure yet what I am going to do long term, if anything. There is a lot to consider. It isn't as easy as changing a URL. Dyeabolical lives on this platform. We just moved in to this neighborhood, so to speak. I like this platform a lot. It took months of work and hundreds of dollars to get this new website going. My hope is that Shopify changes its position on hosting websites that support hate. If that doesn't happen then I will likely be investigating alternative options. Until that time, I will be reading, thinking, talking to other shop owners, and trying to solidify my position and feelings on this topic.