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    News from Dyeabolical

    Vista Scarf

    Scott finished his blended/faded Vista scarf. It turned out beautifully! So many people commented on IG that they wanted to learn how to weave. I kind of want to, too! I'd love to have a great big shawl done using this technique. 

    This is a plain weave scarf. All of the magic happens in how the colors are used in the warp and weft. Scott measured out an even number of warp strands in each of the 5 colors and then sleyed the reed by alternating strands between colors. For the weft he used each color on its own for a little while, and then started alternating it semi-randomly with the next color.

    Scott used a Cricket loom, warping to make a scarf about 88" long and about 8" wide. Just about half of each color was used for the warp and half used for the weft.

    More Minis

    Thank you so much for the positive response to the new Mini sets and full size color sets. I have helped so many people pick out coordinating semisolids to match the sets for shawls, socks, and other colorful projects. It's one of my favorite parts of the job.

    Picking out semisolids for a full-size set of Gasoline Rainbow

    Scott started a new weaving project this week. Using a set of Vista mini skeins he did a direct warp with half of each color and then mixed up the warp threads when sleying the reed to give a blended effect. For the weft he is weaving one color and then when he reaches the end of a shuttle he alternates with the next color for a gorgeous blended effect. He's on his last color now and I am totally claiming this scarf as soon as it comes off of the loom. 

    I love color fading, or the process of blending 2+ colors seamlessly in to a project, but I need to force myself to use a better word. Not many customers want to hear their dyers say "Oh, my colors fade brilliantly" or "I have these great fading yarns". Yarns aren't supposed to fade! I hope my customers know what I mean when I say "fade"!


    Mini Skein and 3-Color Kits

    Mini Skein and 3-Color Kits

    One of my favorite things to do is to reinterpret colorways in a variety of different ways. There are so many different ways to dye (semi-solid, tonal, speckled, hand painted, dip dyed, kettle dyed, low water immersion, self-striping, gradient) and so many different put-ups to dye on (hanks, balls, animal fiber, plant fiber, spinning fiber, long hanks for self-striping, sock blanks) that the combination of finished yarns from just a few jars of dyes is nearly infinite.

    Katatomic, one of my most popular colorways, has been through several reinventions. It was available first as a variegated, then as a self-striping, then as a limited edition gradient. Last week I was playing around with some mini skeins that I had in stock and decided to combine the Katatomic colors with a technique that I played around with last year but never perfected. I tweaked the process a little with the aim of making a set appropriate for a fading-type pattern. OH. MY. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    I stayed up the rest of the night and dyed every single full size and mini skein of Lovely that I had in stock. 

    Deep Purple minis, Dance Mistress minis, Flower Shop Inferno minis, Very Starry full size, Gasoline Rainbow minis, Gasoline Rainbow full, Katatomic full, Katatomic minis, Vista full and Vista mini.

    Can I quit doing everything else including blogging and eating and only do these forever and ever?

    The large set consists of 3 full size skeins of coordinating hand dyed yarns, perfect for fade patterns, 3 color shawls and sweaters, and other patterns calling for coordinating yarns. The small set consists of 5 mini skeins designed to allow the color to shift from one color to the next in a fading- or gradient-type pattern yet remain distinct enough to use in striping or colorwork projects.

    Pattern Ideas:

    Close to You by Justyna Lorkowska

    Squiggle Wiggle What?! by Stephen West

    Free Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

    My Cryptonite by Melanie Berg

    Gratifying by Sarah Jo Burch

    Naturally I had to cast on with a set of minis immediately. The finished shawl is next to me on the floor soaking wet and full of blocking pins. The pattern is Close to You by Justyna Lorkowska and the color is Dance Mistress. It flew off the needles.

    To achieve a fade pattern I roughly worked 1 ridge of the new color, 3 of the old, 2 of the new, 2 of the old, 3 of the new, 1 of the old at each transition point. If I had a lot left of the previous color after the transition ridges then I continued alternating 1 ridge of each color.

    Each skein is on the Lovely base, a 75% superwash merino/25% nylon 4-ply yarn. The minis come with 5 20-gram minis, about 92 yards each for $30. The full size sets come with 3 100 gram skeins with about 460 yards each for $67.

    All of the current listings are right here. If you would like to see your favorite color translated in to a mini or full size set then just shout out. I can do custom orders for the full size skeins on most of my other base yarns if you are wanting a heavier weight or a different fiber content.

    It takes slightly longer to prepare and dye these sets than my normal colorways. I have been getting dyed-to-order orders out way ahead of the estimated ship times, but that's not going to last as we head in to fall. Because of the extra lead time needed, please expect that these sets will take the full shipping time. My current shipping estimates are in the Shop Info section on Etsy or at the bottom of the page at

    I hope you enjoy these new sets as much as I do!


    Newsletter Update

    New Colors

    4 new yarn colors are in the shop - Fawkes, Olive You, Badger Badger, and Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry. Badger, Badger and Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry are available as variegated or as Watercolor Stripes. Badger, Badger is also available on spinning fiber.

    New Facebook Group

    I have launched a Dyeabolical group on Facebook to serve as a resource in addition to the regular Facebook business page.

    Think of the business page as the place for formal announcements like shop updates and sales, and the Facebook group as the place for informal updates, link sharing, pattern recommendations, and chat. You are welcome to jump in and share what you are working on (whether or not it is Dyeabolical), share new patterns you find, ask questions, or just chat. It is similar to the Ravelry group, but less public. Please come join us.

    Spinning News

    I have three bits of spinning-related news.

    First, I am working on translating some of the new yarn colors in to fiber colors. Right now I am planning on dyeing
    samples of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Stop It Now, Fawkes, and Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry. Are there any additional colorways you would like for me to translate in to a fiber colorway? You can see a full list of my yarn colors here.

    Second, I have had lots of request for semisolid spinning fiber lately. Dyeing 40+ shop samples so that I can get listings created is unfortunately not something that I can fit in to my schedule currently, however I am always happy to do a custom order if you contact me. See the bottom of this email for a link to my email.

    Third, I hate sharing this kind of an update, but here it goes. My distributor of spinning fiber is now out of the beautiful fawn-colored Shetland top and it will be a while before they get more back in as the fiber is too scarce to produce top every year. I have 4 undyed braids left and then this popular top is sold out. Is there a particular breed or blend that you would like to see replace it?